At 11:30 PM on weekday bunch of men at their mid-thirties shouting, laughing, scolding and getting emotional. Nobody has patience to listen to the other completely as their own story to share took precedence over the others. Audience were shifting attention from one to another as soon as some interesting words were heard from any mouth. millions of topic to discuss but hardly anytime to listen but everybody is feeling energized, heard and happy. Yes it is the reunion of friends after 15 years.
Something about friends which I heard many a times but realized after 36 years that it’s like train tracks. They all follow their own track to destination after leaving originating station and when they meet it seems as if they were always together. Complains about each other even if they exist, they exist like that particular birthmark which exists but hardly bothers and in true sense these marks are the identities. Whether you like or dislike, you know how your friend will react in a certain situation.

train tracks

A get-together after 15 years of separation (with some minor encounters) made me realize that all have grown in their career, intellect, knowledge and responsibility but left the original college character untouched and preserved. Many were in touch with others and many were never in touch but the atmosphere after 15 years was as young and vibrant as it was 15 years back in that college where everybody was penniless in most days of the month.
If life can change anything that is your understanding about rest of the world and about you. But understanding about friends never change. You never rediscover your college friends. They are fully understood and that’s a pure understanding.
The discussions after 15 years were not as bold and carefree as it was in college days for many who once thought life is something which should be taken lightly again at the same time friends who were taking life super seriously have turned out to be casual abut life. I am not preaching here whether being serious about life is good or being casual is, but the truth is the life outside has taught us many which we were not aware when in college.
Many have seen difficult times which were unbearable at that time to handle alone and many had joyous moments which were undervalued due to absence of friends, were discussed as openly as one could and others listened and acknowledged knowing that they were guilty at one moment or other. It was as if, everybody washed their hands in a river knowing that river will take the guilt and pains away..
Life is interesting and painless as long as we look back at those moments but definitely present moment is too impatient to understand that fact.
Good Luck Friends!!!


Ohh! Womania

“There is nothing called happily married. You can either be happy or married”, one friend of mine said. This triggered several jokes on marriage and how a man suffers after the marriage although with an activated comic bone. I did not laugh any less or contributed any less. As I was a forced bachelor at that moment, I thought of watching unlimited television after returning home. Which my wife and children never let me do uncontrollably. As usual I watched more advertisements than the actual content in 2 hours but what really stuck to my mind is the advertisements where children complaining about their mother being not knowledgeable enough to know that milk’s calcium goes waste without a specific malt based powder, mother is not knowledgeable about proper way or benefits of brushing the teeth etc. Kids in the advertisements complaining about their mother. This really did not make me comfortable so I felt like listening to radio instead. The music one after the other was talking about woman as an object and definitely alcohol as a context.

These series of events made me think. If we think women have been suppressed all these years and society has really progressed to liberate woman in 21st century then I am sorry to say we are wrong. We might have allowed women to walk freely (not talking about woman abuse as I stay at Baroda and I see a very different atmosphere than what is claimed to be in Delhi and other cities) but how we look at them and where we place them in society is more important. Women might have got the freedom to come out of home and social boundaries to work and enjoy but the respect for them in the eyes of men and society has been very disturbing from what I understand. Every woman is objectified everyday this is really a disturbing thought. And if I try to churn this disturbance then it will create a thousands of debates or add to existing millions of debates with no productive result hence I will not do that.

Being a maintenance guy for past 15 years I would like to go to root cause not the symptoms seen on the surface. A very scientific creator created man (Purusha) and Women (Prakruti) to ensure a proper balance and cycle is maintained throughout. Purusha or the man is the doer of everything. Prakruti is the influencer/motivator for everything. Purusha is kind of mass which is absolutely needed to get the things done but it can’t move an inch without energy. Example in order to watch Television you need a Television but without electricity it is nothing but just a mass. We can not equate men and women as Television and Electricity but similar. Every man has a portion of purusha and a portion of prakruti. This proportion varies but mostly prakruti is in a lesser percentage than purusha. Women have a major portion of prakruti and they are the source of energy that helps human procreation. Purusha despite the strength needs prakruti to drive every action. This is seen not just in humans but in animals. The only difference between animals and humans is that Humans can think beyond the situation that is called imaginations. Imaginations make humans as the greatest species on this earth. These imaginations cause Purusha to think women or prakruti which drives them can be under their control. This imagination also makes the Prakruti think that these purushas which are driven by them can be utilized as per their need. This causes the problem.  Prakruti or Nature always has to go through lot of pains hence it needs Purusha to protect so that it can survives. It is not easy to protect the nature, it needs sacrifice. You can not protect nature if you utilize it for your enjoyment. You can protect it if you think it is essential for your survival and should be treated with love. Purusha on the contrary needs direction and motivation. It is the duty of prakruti to give the right direction and motivation. Like if you leave garden unattended which has enough resources to survive by its own may grow Hayward. Here both Purusha and Prakruti have to control their natural instinct to help protect each other and ultimately to help themselves.

This might have helped me understand the basic nature and cause for the problem but the solution is far from reach. These protests, laws and television debates can not help stop the untold and cold  war between men and women. Hypocrites are mostly ruling this war. The real problem has not be thought of so far. But I can say this war is going to kill this society one day. If we as a race do not stop our race for materialism and ‘self’ satisfaction mode we are going to destroy everything. A human who does not care about the surrounding, nature and people around can not ever think of a good society. An woman who does not realize the power within and righty utilizes that to control the surrounding can not help the society to survive.  A society can not go to any direction without the consent and efforts by women in the society. If a society is going in wrong direction then I am sorry to say that some women have given the consent or as contributed to that. The same applies when a society goes in the right direction as well. Men have to think of the men who objectify or disrespect women as lesser men and look at them as sick people but unfortunately most of the men look at them as men with guts and power or take them casually.

This is the responsibility of parents to raise their kids carefully because what you are seeing in TV or radio are the true universities from where our kids are getting graduated every day. I fear they are getting masters degree in considering women as objects and men as enjoyers.

I am fortunate to have known many strong women close to me and I am highly inspired by them and lucky to know what women can do. If 10% of our women population becomes like them then this world will be a different place all together. It is not needed to convince men that women are the controller of this universe and not to waste time there. Rather just carry the right intention and goal and control the world.


- Stray Dog


An Interesting Journey

A very hot summer, punctured tire, discharged cell phone and money purse with one Rs. 5 note has made me stand on the roadside of a deserted area without any means. The only option was to ask somebody to give me a lift to a nearby area where I can withdraw some money and then fix rest all problem one after another. I could have tried walking to the nearby ATM which is around 3 Kilometers but I think you forgot that I mentioned it is a very hot summer.

There were hardly any motor bikes or cars going on the road. Only rickshaws or trollies driven by people not motor. My decision to wear a tie to impress the visiting senior executive was just adding the pinch of salt that you need to super torture one wounded person. This also reminds me that I must be there in office in next 1 hour.

I raised my hand to stop one cycle rickshaw where one young man was pedaling while singing the latest hindi movie (A.K.A Bollywood ) song “Dil main baji ghantiyan…. Jab tune maari entriyiiyan” without even bothering that it is a torture to the passerby simply because he is such a bad singer that government should ban from singing publically.He stopped and looked at me not knowing what a person looking like me may need from him.

“Need a lift to the nearby ATM. I will pay you once I withdraw cash.”, I said when he stopped singing and paid attention towards me.

“Sit”, he said. As soon as settled he started making one funny sound that kids make to show that they are riding a bike with high speed, “Vroooooooommm Vroooooooomm”.



To be continued…




- Stray Dog


Spirit – Spiritless – Spiritual

“When a person dies his spirit is put on to rest but when the spirit dies person goes through hell. Person without spirit is good for nothing. The external energy will only help to rot faster. A good for nothing object. Every attempt to rejuvenate that person will go in vein as the energy within died. “, A fifty so old year man uttered when I met him in the Kamati Baug children’s play area. Any other day I would have avoided such conversation but today I came to the park with an intention to bring smile to one person within 24 hours. It’s kind of my personal 24 hour smile-a-thon. I found this old man wearing a kurta-pajama and sitting on a bench, watching kids playing would be an easier choice for my daily smile goal hence asked him, “Namaste Kaka, You looks so young and energetic, what’s the secret?”. I thought telling somebody young will always make the person happy. But his response shocked me but made me curious too.

“How the spirit dies while the man is still alive. Is it not the fault of the man to not keep himself motivated??, I responded.

“A human body has an internal energy called Shiva. Whose intention is to align itself with the external energy called Shakti. Symmetric union of these two energies creates enormous joy and  enthusiasm in human to achieve anything and that is called spirit. Misalignment of these two energies creates either restless silence within or violence in some instances. The best example to see this is an Indian candle (diya). When the oil finishes or about to finish, the light either goes to a very low intensity and stays there for some time before extinguishing or burns with  high intensity before extinguishing. The bigger reason for misalignment is when the internal energy is absent or low like oil in diya.”, He said in a way as if he would have said all these even without me asking. I was about to ask, “But where the internal energy goes?”


“Internal energy, spirit or motivation goes away due to unclear purpose. Absence of dream. Disbelief on self and/or satisfaction at the current state due to laziness. Usually people like me at older age when try to do things people obstruct or don’t really appreciate the effort or people really expect us to do nothing and people don’t want us to interfere as well. This causes the death of internal energy over a period of time because the body is already tired due to old age. But many don’t let that happen and continue fighting. Many young people reach to this stage due to laziness, confusion or lack of purpose. Just think of Arjuna in Mahabharata as described in Bhagvat Gita who left his armor at the middle of the battle ground despite all energy and power due to confusion. He has the backing of thousands of great warriors and he himself was equivalent to thousands. Many young people like Arjuna either unclear about the purpose or lost the purpose of going forward are present all around.”, The old man said.

“Ha ha ha!!! I don’t understand why everything comes back to some religious text. So you mean to recover from this we must pray god etc. etc.”, I said with frustration.

He continued saying as if he didn’t bother what I said, “The spiritual book (or Self help book) Bhagvat Gita is called spiritual because it helps rejuvenate your spirit or internal energy. The ultimate cure is to align ourselves with the external energy called Shakti through union. Called Yoga in Sanskrit. Understand your purpose, work towards it without fear of losing or hope of winning, If you don’t find a purpose then do your duty as if you are serving the person you love the most. “. he said.

Just then a kid came running from the children play area and pulled this old man’s hand and he got up and walked with support of his walking stick as well as his grand daughter (I assumed). I said, “Bye Bye kaka. Nice talking to you”.

The kid turned towards me and said, “My Grand father can’t listen or see. I am his eyes and ears. I will convey that to him.”

I found a strange force bringing purposeless smile on my face and enormous joy within. I thought I will make one person happy today and bring smile but this old man brought smile on my face unknowingly.




Daily Prompt: Make me Smile

Writing Challenge: Fifty


- Stray Dog


Enjoy the act don’t show-off


I wanted to just check out and have fun with the street side astrologer by asking him a difficult question. I asked him, “I am doing everything that is called duty, helping others but still not getting the pleasure or happiness. I am getting frustrated very often and angry too. what should I do?”.

“Your body and mind needs your love and care to serve the purpose that you are born for. Your image in society’s eye needs your love to ensure you do not do anything that would harm anybody unlawfully and ultimately damage your beautiful image in front of the society, Your respect for yourself needs your love to ensure you are taking right moves and displaying courage and compassion at the right times to ensure you are respected by others in this society.Ultimately all good you are doing or thinking of doing is not a favor to anybody, rather love for yourself. You help a needy because you want to make yourself happy by thinking that you helped somebody. Your hunger for love, respect and appreciation is still driving you to do good things. Like the hunger for food, money, prosperity, power these hungers for love, respect and appreciation never get completely satisfied.” , An astrologer sitting in a crowded place said when

I asked,”So you mean all the efforts I am putting to be good and remain good is equivalent to all other desires. But desires are bad and helping others and making others happy is good. How can you say both are equivalent..”, I thought, “What nonsense this guy is talking about. These street side illiterate astrologers are ruining the great science of astrology.”.

“When desire motivates you, you are going to stop somewhere dissatisfied. That is the reason it is considered bad. Your desire to be loved, respected and appreciated by doing certain actions does not guaranty that it will be satisfied every time. When it will not, you will blame the good for the failure.Let me give you an example.

A man walking on the street saw a poor man with wounds and dirt is lying on the roadside. Flies are all around him. He is stinking like a dead buffalo. He immediately felt about this person and wanted to do something. He went near the poor man and gave a Rs. 100 note and asked him to take care of himself. The poor man turned around and spitted on this man’s face. This man got angry and scolded him and left the place shouting and wiping his face.

Another man walking on the street saw him and stopped. Sat next to the person and asked him why he is lying there. He spitted on this man as well. He realized that this is a man who has lost his mental balance and has been beaten by many so called good people. He called a rickshaw and dragged him inside the rickshaw. Took him to a mental hospital. gave him a bath, fed him and got him admitted to the hospital. During this process this poor man slapped him several times but this guy was undeterred.

So in the first case the man gave Rs. 100 with an desire to get quick respect, love and appreciation in return to his act but in the second case the man was doing all these without any desire. The first person was dissatisfied after doing the act and might have thought that he will not help any person on the road ever again but the second person was happy and will remain happy to help people for his entire live time.

You are the first man. So you will get angry, unhappy and frustrated despite doing god work.”, the astrologer said.

“So, what should I do?”, I asked.

“Kill the desire but keep the motivation alive. Once you see your motivation comes due to the pleasure of doing any act or work then you know you have achieved it.”, He said.

“Thank you”, I said I paid Rs 51 as he said his charge for this service.

“Are you sure you want to pay Rs. 51 to a street side illiterate astrologer.”, he asked.

“Yes, I enjoyed the service and I am genuinely happy. Thank you”, I said and left the spot.




- Stray Dog


The Pretender: Me, my daughter and Auto-rickshaw

Father Daughter

“Baba, Why don’t you buy an auto-rickshaw?”, Hiya asked while coming back from school.

I laughed at her silly request and like an assumed knowledgeable senior thought of explaining her. I asked, “Why you want Auto? Isn’t our car and bike better than the auto



She immediately responded, “No”.

“Why?”, I asked.

“Because Auto Rickshaw is open, still covered. It has the comforts of a bike but advantage of a car.”, She immediately explained.

“While I am thinking of upgrading my car to a better one you want to downgrade to auto rickshaw?”, I said.

“What is upgrade and what is downgrade?”, she asked.

I thought it will be difficult to respond so I changed the direction and said, “Do you know auto rickshaw is a public transport? Do you want me to drive a public transport and people will call a be a auto driver?”

“Yes, it’s so nice. Now you are driving a car so you are car driver and then you will be called auto driver.”, she said without much effort.

”Do you want me to leave the job in software industry and drive auto. I will not get as much money as I am getting now. Can’t buy as much toys as I am buying now.”, I said.

“But you will come home early and take us for an auto rickshaw ride in the evening every day. I want that”, she said.

I somehow lost all my ways to convince her and I was convinced that she is right and I am wrong. I wanted to explain her that driving auto rickshaw is considered as lower class. I am somewhere around middle class in the social hierarchy. I can’t downgrade but I know she will first ask me what is class and then why these classes are there and how somebody is lower and somebody is higher. This will be wrong thing to say because ideally I want to teach her that all are equal and all jobs are equally respected.  But it is difficult to teach what I truly don’t believe. I felt bad about corruption of my own values and knowledge. hence changed the topic to her friends to be safe.

Simple questions and enjoying simple achievements make us clear in mind and happy at heart. But we spend hours to ask difficult questions and achieving big. At the end of the day what matters is how much time you spend with your near and dear ones and the quality of the fun you have with them. But we feel it’s important to be busy to accumulate wealth today so that one day we can enjoy with our near and dear ones but it is proven million times that when you will have that amount of wealth, you will not have the near and the dear ones whom you wanted to satisfy. Kids will grow up, parent will leave us alone and friends will be very busy. Also, it is impossible to realize that we have accumulated enough wealth at first place.




- Stray Dog

Photo Courtesy: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nagpur_Autorickshaw.jpg and Mr. Dhiraj Gosavi

Inspiration: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/prompt-the-great-pretender/



Que Sera sera

Rishi said, “I got introduced to a very powerful philosophy called, ‘Don’t ask permissions, ask forgiveness’”.

This statement requires lots of courage to implement. This expects us to first believe that we can control everything around us. The thought itself gives you power and enthusiasm to work to get the things the way you want. Controlling things around us and making things happen by sincere efforts and very well thought of plan can get you most of what you want. But there is always possibility of untoward incidents that may derail your plan and stop you from putting the efforts that you want to put hence things may go out of control. Hence this requires faith. Enormous faith on the people you are working with, the internal energy or god that drives you and yourself. This will help you come back even if you fail to achieve it at the first time. The easiest escape route is called luck. Where we give up and say it’s bad luck.” in response to Kalia who was complaining about the current situation and bad luck.

“Luck is what drives us and we thinking that we control everything is the indication that we have enormous faith on our luck. If we have good luck then we get the motivation or desire to control things happening around us. Luck is the faith on self and faith on people around us involved in our  acts, Not every right things looks right at every place or situation. A person with a particular skill is respected when the situation where he or she is requires that particular skill but if he or she is in a wrong place then he is considered useless. One person might be at the right place and situation at one time but the situation around change and makes the person misfit to the environment over night. This is not something can be controlled by the person himself or herself. This is called luck.”, Kalia responded.

Rishi said, “Bad situations are unavoidable. It’s not the point that whether a person went into a bad situation or not. It’s important that how quickly and swiftly the person came out of the bad situation by realizing the situation quickly and identifying the correct actions that needs to be taken. Come up with a plan and control the situations around and land in favorable situation once again. If the person believes in luck and sits there crying that I am in a bad luck situation then the person can never come out of that.”

A very quiet but active listener Hari said, “I feel we have to have enormous faith on self and have a strong feeling that we have a great luck and act to ensure things around us are properly in place.Work effortlessly till it’s not so. But if situations change and we land up in a so called “Bad Luck” situation then quickly identify the actions needed to change the situation around us. Good luck is our companion and bad luck is what we have to change by action. “

All of them agreed and went back to action saying Que Sera Sera  and laughed loudly.Smile




- Stray Dog


Varna management

At midnight, when usually you would see some programmers or testers  burning their midnight oil, to the surprise of everybody, managers were around. It looks like all were working hard but nobody has a clue what they want to achieve.

“I hate when senior leadership changes. The entire way of working changes and creates so much of unnecessary work”, one manager said for whom his wife’s final ultimatum to reach home has already past 1 hour.

While he is now sensitive about the fact that his team members have been working late nights almost everyday since past several weeks. “Every new leader comes tries to show their identity and feels, without changing the the existing structure there is no way they can make the things better”, another leader said who had no clue what he is doing in office.

At that moment Shambu the oldest employee and a very serious looking manager came and said, “Hey Som and Altaf have already progressed a lot. Why not we all sit with them and understand how they are doing. Then we can finish that.”.

They all went rushing to the meting room were Som and Altaf were sitting. They were projecting their work on to the screen.

Shambhu asked to explain their understanding and Altaf obliged.

“There are four categories by which we have to divide our employees. These categories are called varna.

There are four Varnas: Bipra, Khsatriya, Vyashya, Sudra.

Sudra:  Employees who are unconditional followers and excel only through respect or fear.

Vyashya: Employees who are conditional followers and excel if they see personal gain in doing any activity.

Khsatriya: Employees who are conditional leaders. Who act and can successfully lead a group when they see a personal gain of power or going to a higher designation due to the act. may be long term.

Bipra: Employees who are unconditional leaders. Who irrespective of designation, power continues to lead others in right direction. These employees need complete freedom to operate and show their best.”

“Ohh my god!!! This guy must be crazy. He is trying to implement jati pratha (caste system) in a software company. Has he goes crazy. He can be sued for telling this”. One of the managers said.

Som clarified, “There is a big difference between jati and varna. Jati or caste system is because of your birth to a particular family. This was a easier and faulty system developed to identify people who must work as intellectuals, warriors, businessmen and services.

Varna system is by your nature and this is more accurate.

These social systems or any social system is not bad if you understand the intention behind the formation of the systems. It’s the faulty and rigid implementation by some selfish people which as caused the harm. Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong in this exercise. We do various personality tests in office during training and if organization can utilize them rightly to take decisions on who should work in what kind of task it will make more sense to the employee, organization and those tests”.

Altaf said, “You find so much difficulty in convincing self, management and employees while choosing leaders. This will help you.

A true Bipra definitely a leader material but should not be leading a group which has a short term critical goal to achieve. These people will always use their own intellect and are not good followers. Give them projects, explain them the urgency, give them respect, they will return with dramatic results. These people are extremely successful in innovation and research activities.

A true Ksatriya is definitely a good leader. Put him during crisis and once things are settled you put them in to another team where there is crisis. They are good at war time situations. At peace time they may hurt people and organization for their selfish motive.

A true Vaishyay is a great performer. But they must understand why they are doing a certain task. Once they understand they will do their best. Many a times they will come up with innovative and time saving techniques to do one task. They need frequent appreciations and rewards else they will leave you for a better job very quickly.

A true Sudra is the most loyal and trustworthy employee. They perform as directed. Never deviate their attention. But you need to continuously mentor them to get better from them. They are not self driven but if you guide them they will do wonders.”

“Interesting!!! Let’s work on the exercise as it makes sense now. We will first tag people by our first impression and then debate to confirm if those tagging are accurate. Thank you Som and Altaf. Hopefully this new leadership stays for sometime and we don’t have to do all these things all over again differently”, Shambhu said

Som obliged and said, “When senior management changes or leadership changes you feel uncomfortable not because new leaders ask difficult or irrelevant questions. It is because they ask different questions and take us out of monotony. Doing the same thing and expecting to get extraordinary result is impossible. New leaders come to improve things not maintain things at the same level. We all try to create our social comfort zone and settle there when things do not change for sometime. The discomfort comes when somebody breaks our social comfort zone.”

Others nodded their head and left the room.




- Stray Dog


Complaints about life!

“God, today I want to complain about everybody whom I don’t like. I want to blame everybody and everything around me. I want to find fault in others and prove that they are bad. I want to cry and shout proving my innocence for every mistake I did and expect people to just appreciate my all good deeds. I want to criticize others and others to appreciate me. Unfortunately I have nobody to whom I can say these hence came here. I feel like that stray dog who wants to just stand on the corner of the road and bark at every passerby without any reason and gets sadistic pleasure when some of them get scared of these barks.”, Vishesh is making his intentions clear that he is going to vent his unknown frustration in a quiet and lonely temple. Sitting in-front of an idol and talking all frustrations out is very filmy (as it happens in movies) but Vishesh never knew that it is so refreshing. He was feeling better as he was talking. In movies actors ring bells (sometimes multiple bells) and question god for the injustice but Vishesh thought of just talking his frustration out.

He continued taking names of people one by one  whom he does not like and why. He explained how some people are stopping from executing his brilliant plan and some are blaming him for things which he never did. He also explained how others did not appreciate him for his deeds and also situations where other took the appreciation for the work he did. The list kept growing and complaints kept coming out effortlessly. He complained about his coworkers, his boss, his boss’s coworkers, senior management, his distant team, his office friends and the list kept growing. He felt little better. He also complained about his family that he is not getting time to relax as his wife and kids always demanding his attention and participation. He left the temple and came back home once he said it all.

As soon as he reached home he got a call from his in-laws that his wife has to go to her parents’ place to sign some property documents. So he had to book tickets for his wife and kids. As summer vacation was starting they planned to stay there for a month. In the same evening they left. After sending them off in the airport he came home and started checking his emails. He was surprised to read the emails that came during this time. There were many organizational announcements and it affected all the people he was complaining about in the temple in the morning. Now all of them moved out of his way which he was complaining. He was the only authority to solve the problems which he earlier thought were blocked by others. He also saw mention of his name in many such emails appreciating him and thanking him for his great work. He was extremely happy and feeling as if he is in ninth cloud. He just jumped around with happiness. He remained happy for couple of hours before  he realized he neither has the capability nor skills to solve the challenges all alone with the existing people. Although the people he was complaining about were the ones giving his the maximum resistance but they were the people who were most knowledgeable and capable to tackling the problem if properly convinced and motivated. Upon thinking more he realized that the problem was truly not with the people he was complaining about but with himself. He was incapable of convincing others by putting his points effectively hence he was getting resistance. He felt bad about what happened now and felt like a lost person now. He started feeling bad about the actions taken against the people he was complaining about.

Then it came to his mind that absence of his family at home was making him feel more sad and the small interruptions that kids were giving and the sweet complains what his wife was coming up with were more engaging and satisfactory than a lonely home. He got all that he wanted but he could stay happy only for couple of hours.

He realized that he was barking at a wrong tree all these while. He was complaining about things that matters and ignoring the real problem within him. He was surprised that his one complaint at the temple was taken so seriously. More over he was surprised to realize that god really exists and listens to each and every complaint so seriously and acts on them so quickly.

It was very late in night even to call his wife or anybody. He thought of getting up early the next morning and going to the same temple to take his complaints back to see if it can help the situation. He was feeling very bad now.

He had difficulty in getting sleep but late in the night he slept. His son came jumping over his chest to give him a shock of his life and he woke up to realize that the kids are in a serious battle and his wife was shouting at them for their unruly behavior. He was surprised. he asked his wife when you came. His wife said, “What do you mean? I am here on this earth since birth and here with you since last 15 years and torturing you.”. He recalled his quarrel the previous night and how he blamed her for all the problems.

He sat on his bed and tried to recall. He picked his phone and read his emails urgently to realize all above were just a dream. Upon thinking he realized that his disturbed mind was much calmer and clear now. Not sure whom he should thank but felt good. Started his day with new or rather renewed energy. Of course the first attempt was to please his lovely wife and next was to play with kids till they were tired.


- Stray Dog




My encounter with me :)

Originally posted on Learning From Life:

While coming to office I was in my usual thought mode and my auto pilot was on so I was going smoothly. Suddenly I received one error from the auto pilot software. My usual practice is to click on the ‘Ok’ button and continue but this time, I had only ‘Stop’ button available. I had to come out of my thought mode and apply break. One thin guy wearing shirt which looks like his father’s and a bag on his shoulder which might be carrying some documents came in front of me. I was extremely irritated at this activity which can be summed up on one word called ‘Non-sense’. He was as tall as me, sweating badly and wearing a loose spectacle which was almost about to touch the nose tip. He looked tired but energetic, frustrated but enthusiastic.looser but hopeful. He looked very familiar. I was not able to quickly…

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