A lift journey

A hurried manager rushed into a lift to reach 11th floor of the building so that he can get to the meeting for which he is already 2 minutes late. This was a meeting between him and the Vice President of his Business Unit who recently joined the organization. This is their first meting. He could think of many excuses he can give to his VP for the delay or innocently ignore the fault of self for the delay to make it a non-issue. He started evaluating all the options he has so that his new VP does not judge him and paint him with any kind of unpleasant perception which would make him less of a leader and employee. He was happy to see that there is nobody else inside the lift so the time to reach his desired floor is going to be minimal. He was very close to finalize his plan of action to justify his delay to the meeting which will convince his VP without leaving any room to become judgmental. The automatic door of the lift started sliding to close and anxiety level of him started going down. He stopped worrying and started looking at his smart phone to check if there is any new email of interest or concern, which proves human mind always wants to get distracted or get into disturbance. But the network inside the lift was not good enough so he could not find any new email. The very moment the lift door was about to reach the finish line an unwanted palm was seen to be interrupting the free flow of the door and the automatic door made up it’s mind to go back to its starting point, so that the currently perceived as intruder can become a rightful entrant and easily come inside the lift. The anxious manager’s anxiety level once again started rising and was almost near the boiling point. The person who entered the lift smiled at this manager and greeted saying “Good Afternoon”. It seemed as if every sound wave was coming as an arrow from an enemy’s front and straightway hitting the bull’s eye of frustration and irritation. The anxious manager kept his phone in his pocket and started staring at the floor number displayed in the digital display inside the lift. Everything happening around him was irritating him like never before. Lift door in the mean time was waiting and watching for the entrants and after 30 seconds of wait, it decided to again start it’s sprint towards the finish line. The anxious manager this time decided not to watch the movement of the closing door because it was making him more nervous. Finally lift door made it’s way to the finish line and lift started taking off towards  it’s destination.The other entrant did not press any button to specify which floor he wants to go that made this anxious manager bit relaxed but it was short lived. The moment lift crossed 3rd floor and was about to reach 4th, the new entrant made a sound which indicates that he forgot something and pressed the 10th floor button. This was now beyond the control for the anxious manager to handle but he could not show his frustration in any appropriate way. He decided to once again turn his attention towards his smart phone to divert his frustration. In the mean time 10th floor came and it was time for the new entrant to leave the lift. New entrant looked at the anxious manager and wanted to say “Have a great day. See you” with a smile but as the anxious manager was busy surfing his smart phone he decided to silently leave the lift. Anxious manager was aware that he was rude to his co-passenger but wanted to make an statement by doing so that, ‘He is angry’. He could not state that openly because his anger was not backed by any logic that is commonly known to human race. The new entrant left the lift, the door closed quickly enough this time and lift started moving towards 11th floor. The moment it reached 11th floor and the anxious manager was about to rush out of the lift, he received an email from his VP, “I am sorry. I can not make it in time due to some other engagement. Can we meet after 15 minutes?”.


- Stray Dog


Red Stars – How many you earned today?

While coming home for lunch after picking up my kids from school Navneel was in full excitement. He did a quick mathematics and told me that another 3 red stars will get him a gold cheque. He also quickly listed his friends name who are almost at the same level. He was very optimistic about accumulating the remaining stars in coming days. I looked at his ‘treasure bank’ to understand the matter better. Class teacher gives red stars to the children for good behavior or doing some task well and black dots are for bad behavior or indisciplinary activities. A back dot also erases 3 red stars. Once you accumulate 10 red stars you are eligible to get awarded with a gold cheque during assembly. A very proud moment indeed.

After my analysis and understanding Navneel asked me, “Baba, where is your treasure bank”.

I smiled and said, “I don’t have any.”, I found it as a silly and childish question and thought of explaining him that these things only matter to kids. Adults do not care for such things.

So I asked, , “Why do you get the red star?”.

He immediately replied, “Because we behave well or do our task properly. Like one day teacher instructed to keep quiet and I kept quiet until teacher asked to speak. So I got red star for that day.”

He did not stop there and asked, “Why don’t you behave well in office so that you will get red stars. They will give you gold cheque. It’s so much fun”

I laughed and agreed, “Yes I will next time onwards.”.

Although I could avoid him and his simple questions by agreeing but it raised hundred questions in my mind. Are we giving importance to small but very essential things in our life? We get pleasure out of small things, small achievements, small accomplishments but we do not give importance to them because we feel we have grown much above these achievements. A simple act of doing our work diligently, behaving respectfully with our colleagues/friends, listening to every conversation before making an opinion, greeting people whom we meet, following all etiquettes, listening to parents, children, thinking about others in every situation and many other things like this make us good human being. We become more worthy to the society than burden. But these acts are never appreciated so adults gradually ignore these and run behind big things which they think might get appreciation.

We all have a never quenchable thirst for appreciation or attention, when we don’t get attention for small things we try to do big but if we don’t achieve big or don’t get appreciated for the big we try doing attention seeking things which might be harmful to the society, organization or self. But appreciating or getting attention for small things will let us do more of such things and remain good for the society, organization or family.

Appreciations now a days are done in various innovative ways. emails, public verbal/written accolade, monetary awards etc. But this is the area which needs constant innovation and creative thinking because like kids we don’t like to get the same things again and again. We want things to become big, beautiful and better as we do more of them. Most of the times money is the least factor in an award but the way it was presented matters a lot.

But when we look outward for appreciation we mostly get disappointed as there is absolutely nobody who can appreciate you the way you can do yourself. There is no better judge who can always give verdict in your favor other than you. While we are kids and still learning basic maths of life we need others to tell us what we did right and wrong, I feel as adults we have enough knowledge and capability to appreciate self. If we do so, we can remain content and motivated. We can capture small acts of good work or even good thought in a small book called, ‘Treasure Bank’ and keep on adding stars with reason why we gave star to ourselves. We can give black dot to self and deduct 3 red stars when we did something wrong. Once we accumulate 10 red stars then we can treat ourselves with something that we wished to buy or have.

Life is full of small achievements and happy moments. There is abundance of these moments. But unfortunately we only look for big moments which is mostly not in our hands or sometimes bigger than our our stature at that moment. While aiming for big is good and worth but must find happiness from the journey not only at the destination.


- Stray Dog



“Ramesh followed every processes and procedures religiously and encouraged his fellow team members to follow the defined processes religiously as well.”, I wrote my feedback as manager for Ramesh as part of the appraisal process. I stopped for a while thinking the choice of words and the truth behind this statement. It is not new for me to say or write something and then find the truth behind it but this time it took longer. It’s not because of Ramesh did not do it but because of the word ‘religiously’. I got this word from first manager of my professional career. Some 13 to 14 years back I found this word in my appraisal and liked it. It gave such power that you don’t tend to question it. If somebody says I do a particular thing religiously that means I do so. No other questions asked.The other similar word I learnt through this appraisal process is ‘judiciously’. I use ‘religiously’ to show 100% and ‘judiciously’ as 80 to 85%. It’s all in my mind and I do not think anybody else cares much about my choice of words. But as I care a lot about what I say I give a deep thought every time.

The more I think about the word religiously I become more religious. Religious means in my view doing something without even thinking of questioning it.Although India has an increased population of “science” students who question every ritual and custom and make good fun of it but Bharat was always a scientific nation.

To my advantage I was born to a Bharatiya family and in a very much Bharatiya state called Odisha. Before many eyebrows raise and start disconnecting from the skull, let me explain.

Bharat is the state which still respects the traditions and although has not got the logical/scientific proof but has a great belief that the traditions we follow have deep scientific meaning and will undoubtedly help us lead a good life. The first attempt to reach to anybody or anything is with respect not doubt. The questioning part of the story starts when it hurts or looks like it is causing injustice. And if at any point it proves to be illogical or unjustifiable then have the courage to change it. So for me religion is pure belief with great courage be flexible at times.

The ‘India’ I referred to, is that class, which has learnt to reject things at the face of it and ask very hurting questions to humiliate it then if by chance somebody is able to convince it and that to if it comes after western validation then accept it. It is all based on rigidity and rejection.

Just last weekend I visited a temple with my parents. Like any other religious institutions it has helped create job and prosperity for lakhs of people.All the people and business there happening was due to faith or religious beliefs. People give a portion of their hard-earned money thinking god will help them rescue the complex path called life. By believing so, they get the courage to face life. Like many of current generation purchase lot of self-help book to help understand our true potential. If we read the book we will find the only thing it helps improve is confidence in oneself. People solve the problem because they find many right ways and take many right actions due to confidence. By purchasing a book I help the publishing house as well as the author earn money. But by completely devoting myself and offering prayer at the temples I create business in the area surrounding the temple. I buy flowers, candles, incense sticks, sweets, ornamental accessories to please the god and make myself very confident. This helps the local shops and the people earn money by selling these stuffs. By this way I gave business to people who would have otherwise begging or live in poverty. I paid some money to the temple. This helped in giving job to some people who offer prayers on our behalf and other staffs of the temple. This also helps developing the temple further so that more people travel to this place and provides better facility to the people visiting this temple. The temples also give free lunch to poor once a week which is a good social service. So what’s wrong in visiting a temple and spending some money there if it can help create better living for many. Is it not my social responsibility. Many a say this money goes into wrong hands where only some people take the entire money and don’t share with others deserving. Which means there is corruption. Which institute we know of has no possibility of existence of corruption. Why should I stop doing something which has more possibility of giving benefit to society.

Explaining all these to entire mankind would be impossible task hence visiting temples and offering prayers we put as very vital part of the religion and tell people follow it religiously. The more people follow it the more the country and world is going to be prosperous. Hence once again I feel I am a religious person.


- Stray Dog


Anger Therapy!

“What makes you happy?”, few seconds pause.

“Okay tell me, what makes you sad?”, again another impatient pause.

“Tell me what motivates you?”, too many questions asked in a very short span of time and I was expected to answer immediately. Difficult question because the answers come from heart for these questions and heart is very moody in responding. If you pressurize heart it stops talking. That was the state I was in. My heart had locked itself inside a room leaving me stand outside for last several hours.

Again after few seconds, “You don’t know what makes you happy or sad or what motivates you? How would you make yourself happy.”. “Okay just tell me whether people make you happy, sad and motivated or you make yourself happy, sad or motivated.”

“What a nonsense question! If you know who makes you feel in a particular way, you can always tell what makes you unhappy and you can take care of yourself. I am unhappy and I don’t know why. Does this happen to you ever? It does not look like, that’s why you are not able to understand. I am like this and you don’t have to interfere. May I get few seconds of peace.”, I revolted to help me out from this hostile environment.

Rishi, my friend who was with me in every situation for past several years was trying to help me but I was finding his help has more like a torture.

He got angry, “You know what?? You are not worth to be anybody’s friend. You don’t respect friendship, emotions of others and hardly care about anybody. You forget people when you leave that place and that proves you don’t care for people but use them for your benefit or entertainment as long as you are around. You deserve to remain lonely and sad.”, A very violent reaction to my not-so-soft -get-out instruction. But it peaked frustration in me to the core and I shouted at him like crazy.

Next 10 minutes was my time. I vented out my frustration with the situation around me with no logical reasoning and at it’s raw form. A negative reaction, very violent, words hurting people around me, (specifically Rishi ) came out continuously without getting QA checked by my brain. I was so negative and bad in my reaction that, Tears started peeping out of Rishi’s eyes whom I know as one of the strongest person. He started quietly wiping his tears but listening to me carefully. That diverted my attention from venting out poisonous words. I kept quiet for few seconds, feeling much better as I knew what exactly what I am feeling and why. But Rishi’s tears bothered me.

I told him , “Sorry, I did not mean to hurt you but I was out of my control. “.

He stopped me and said, “My dear friend, How are you feeling now?”

I said, “Much better and very relaxed. But I am sorry for what I said to you”, and started giving explanation for the same.

“It was me who wanted you to reach to this stage knowing very well that you will burst and may damage me emotionally. Sometimes our knowledge and power of evaluating good and bad words against us. We don’t even say what is good for us, bad for us, to ourselves, because our calculative mind stops the thoughts reaching us when it finds them illogical. It takes the ‘right to think’ away from you. Your irritations or frustrations remain within you in a very unknown chamber of your heart and your calculative mind hides that from your own self.

That was the stage where you were, when I was trying to instigate and shoo away your calculative mind. The moment you got angry your calculative mind vanished and your thinking ability stopped. This helped you to vent out your emotions irrespective of how illogical it may be. That is the reason you are feeling better now.

It is called anger therapy :)”

While I understood how anger can take me out of control but also realized that a controlled anger management can help us heal many psychological problems. Like they say, “Poison can cure the harm caused by poison” or “Nail can help take out a nail”.

PS: Please do not apply this therapy unless you have control over the situation as it may get physically and emotionally violent.


- Stray Dog



City of Chaos/Joy

Trying to avail the best suited shortcut to reach destination sacrificing physical comfort of self as well as others, frustration of not achieving goal, disturbance in the emotional space for undue expectations at home as well as work place, inconveniences caused by government or opposition and unkind nature (sun in specific) has irritated each and every passerby on a busy Kolkata road approaching a local railway station. Every one on the road is expecting other to be sensible and kind whereas nobody in a position to be so.

The first thought that came to my mind looking at the crowd was ‘Chaos’ and could find only one word for people all around i.e. selfish. The next emotion developed in my mind was ‘frustration’, which resulted in ‘hatred’ and finally I became one among the crowd.

I heard this city to as ‘City of Joy’. Huh!! where is joy?

It took me no time to be one like them and flowing in the same pattern. I was walking and struggling like thousands of people all around. What I observed then was surprising and against the law of nature as I once believed. People are rushing towards the train to catch the train without even touching each other, few millimeters of foot rest while hanging of train entrance was something to fight for, without even uttering a single word or hurting the other, finding a way into the compartment and coming out of the compartment while there are dozens of people are blocking your way without hurting another, people are able to maintain the number of the creases in their shirt despite the crowd, business is as usual inside a fully packed compartment, hundreds of people are walking on the street in different directions in a busy road without even touching each other. What I found actually was a strict discipline. Unsaid, unwritten rules followed by every individual despite their financial, social, cultural, religious and physical status.The place which looked utterly chaotic was actually a well planned, thought and disciplined movement.

The moment I realized this, I found the fun, entertainment, intellect, cooperation, friendliness and respect for each other. A beautiful place to be. A place where people discuss their worries and retrospect everyday freely, where the social and political decisions are evaluated everyday, place where literature gets its due credit and a place where human despite several social, economic and spiritual levels respect each other, equality amidst inequality can be only witnessed here.

A first glance which looked like ‘City of Chaos’ looked like ‘City of Joy’.

One thought strengthened in my mind is that truth can only be experienced. There is absolutely no other way to validate what is the truth.


- Stray Dog


Real vs. Physical World

It takes just a moment to make or break a persons spirit, who is looking outward. 3 or 4 people gather around a person and talk about something that embarras the person will bring the person’s confidence down but at the same time if they appreciate or talk good things about the person it will boost the spirit up. Looking outward is natural and does not require any effort. Our physical eyes let us only look outward. When we open our eyes if we think deep we find ourselves lonely on this earth and find ourselves tiny in front of the entire universe that we can see. We feel powerless in front of so many people with so different thoughts who have no interest in us. The only way to win that world is by showing our own superiority though Physical power, psychological power or resource power. But despite all the power you can accumulate, you will have somebody who can let you down easily. A never ending war that only be ‘In progress’ but can never ‘end’.

On the contrary the real world is when we close our eyes. Ample of opportunities to explore the unleashed strengths, opportunities and energy.Resources that are absolutely yours and god gifted. Nobody to complete with except self. No need to show your power to win but just put efforts in right direction. A battle which will make your life more meaningful and always successful. Happiness or pleasure will be regular attendance in the war with self whether you lose or win. Nobody can let you down irrespective of whatever may be the situation. And you are the hero of your world.

It is not possible to remain in the inner world and survive due to bodily needs hence we need to live most of our day in the physical world. But a simple effort to live at least the number of minutes as your age in inner world will bring you enough energy to remain content and confident for rest of the day despite looking outward.


- Stray Dog



A wave of thoughts from the memory lane were coming and drenching Tommy again and again. His eyes were red, full of tears and anger was visible clear enough. He was standing on a river bank at the end of the jungle. His teacher, brother and close friend Moti used to stop him to go to that part, as a family of dangerous wolfs stay there, but today he is free from all those fear.

Today he is fearless inside and outside. He is feeling the air is free for him and he has the entire world to rule, but somehow he is extremely sad and the wish to rule the world no longer there. He is surprised to think that the desire that has driven him for last 14 months when fulfilled after so much strategy, planning, efforts has no meaning when fulfilled. He is not able to figure out what went wrong.

About 14 to 15 months back, Tommy and his 3 puppy friends in search of new, better and safe territory went into ‘Sayaji Society’. It was a deserted society with hardly few human families living. Not a lot of food but safe society to live. They quickly found Moti as a big brother who was living in the society as their friend, philosopher and guide. As they understood Moti, they fell in love with him. They never found any external threat or never had to fight for justice among themselves when Moti was around.

Tommy was very impressed with Moti. He wanted to rule the entire society like Moti does. He thought he can learn and grow to rule the society along with Moti. He was in all praises for Moti.

Gradually days passed by and all puppies grew to become adults, had their own family. They were a happy family inside and outside. Tommy grew with his skills and power. He developed his own followers and created a sub-territory of his own.  He was skillful and powerful, it was accepted by Moti and rest of the society but his desire to grow was still not getting satisfied.

Despite the growth and power he was not happy. He found himself living under the shadow of Moti. The thought that people still think it’s Moti’s territory was gradually eating him from inside.

He could see what Moti is not good at and how he is strong at those areas.

He found a recent occurrence where some bad dogs from outside tried to attack Moti’s gang. Moti preferred the method of long barks than attacking them back. He found it funny and idiotic to think dogs use the method of dialog to settle the matters.

“This is not the way how you must run a gang of dogs”, he thought in his mind but nobody in this society will listen to him as they think Moti is always right. He still spoke with some of his friends but did not get enough support to challenge Moti. He went alone and challenged Moti for his wrong decision. Moti in return explained his strategy why he did like that to Tommy which was more irritating. Tommy thought it’s Moti’s arrogance to think that what he does is always right.

Days passed by and incidents kept on adding to the list where Tommy did not agree with Moti. Moti gradually brought some more societies under his domain and Tommy was impatient to rule the Sayaji society. Moti was convinced that Tommy will be able to rule Sayali society and he will anyway be there around to keep an eye on the society. The only fear Moti had is Tommy may get hurt due to his fight at first blink attitude.

Tommy was happy to get his own area but frequent intervention of Moti and at times Moti overriding his decisions were making him uncomfortable. He asked Moti to stay away from his society in a very polite way where Moti would not feel bad. Moti understood the trouble that Tommy was going through hence obliged and stayed away for 6 months.

Days passed by and one day Moti got to know that there is marriage in Sayaji society. Marriages meant a lot of food in dustbin and many outside gang of dogs trying intrude the society. Moti was extremely confident about Tommy but did not want to leave Tommy alone. He shifted his focus back to the Sayaji society and started moving around, talking to other puppies and getting more into details.

Tommy was not happy this time. He found himself losing status that he had built over past 6 months and going back to square one. He tried putting extra efforts to show the world that he is an able ruler of the society.  Despite all his best efforts he found he is still living under Moti. People never taking him seriously or he thinks he can never come out of this shadow. This thought bothered his so much that he gradually developed hatred about Moti in his mind. He used different ways to tell Moti that he is not liking this fact but Moti surprisingly was rude and non-receptive this time. The reason was because Moti wanted to stay on ground no matter what till he marriage gets over. Tommy’s anger grew ferocious now and publicly started disrespecting Moti.  More than Moti, rest of the gang was not happy with Tommy’s this behavior. This difference grew so strong that for almost a month Moti and Tommy did not talk to each other in a normal way.

Anger and frustration filled Tommy’s mind. Due to their differences all the dogs in the society started fighting with each other for silly reasons. Moti realized that it is going wrong, he decided to withdraw and leave the society.

One human from the society complained about the fighting dogs to municipality and their van came to catch the dogs. All the dogs were captured and kept in the van. Moti saw that and came running behind the van in desperation to help somehow. These were his children. The van was speeding but Moti did not lose hope and kept running. Tommy saw this and thought that this is the guy because of whom today we are here. He should have withdrawn long back so that we would have lived happily. Moti was quickly approaching the van when the van stooped at the signal. He quickly jumped on to the steps of the tail end of the van and barely managed to stand there. Tommy was inside the bars of the van. Wild thought came in Tommy’s mind to get rid of Moti by pushing him. He came close to Moti. Moti was struggling to stand in that small platform.  Moti said, “Sorry, I feel I am cause for this” and in seconds Tommy’s mind changed thinking, this is the guy who brought me up, protected me throughout, made me what I am. How can I think this way about him. But at the same moment van took a sharp run and Moti fell down from the van and a truck ran over him.

All dogs inside the van were crying and shouting but Tommy was silent. He could not think what was right, what was wrong. He could not think whether he is happy or sad. He could not believe what happened. The van left the dogs in the riverside at the end of the forest. Rest all dogs ran away fearing the wolf would come but Tommy stood there alone. His thought to push Moti haunted him. His thought sometime blamed Moti for the entire episode and on second thought he felt that he is the cause.


- Stray Dog


Leadership – Spiritual

Leadership is a spiritual activity. You lead by your spirit, thought, your devotion, not just by action. If you act like a leader without the movement of your inner world then you are faking leadership. A churn of thoughts must happen within your mind before you even make a single move.

You must believe in your move. You must be truthful about your move. You must be quick in your move but it can not be just a random move.

You can not be obsessed with yourself while making moves where you want yourself to be known as a leader. A leader always makes selfless moves. Impractical many say and theoretical others but practice it and see the beauty.

Discipline is essential and applicable only to self. Like sun. You follow the discipline but do not enforce. If you are a great leader, others just follow you. There are times you may see people not following but that’s your lacking as a influencer not others.

Single occurrence of stealing (Taking others credits), lying (Giving false information) and holding (not sharing the fruit of efforts) takes the title of leader from you for the lifetime.

Leader is always awake to find new paths, vigilant of problems, prompt in action. A few seconds doze might make your followers suffer.


- Stray Dog


Good and bad

“Good and Bad!!”

“Good or Bad!!”

“No I would say Good and Bad”

“It is sometimes good to be bad and bad to be good. As goodness of good sometime hurts and badness of bad when predictable feels good”, Rohit, was blabbering,
”What are you blabbering?”, I asked.

“It hurts when somebody talks about goodness often and always points finger at your faults. It sounds or feels like violence of good. It kills you but still leaves you alive. The worst part is, you become arrogant and don’t think your bad as bad rather hate the good.”, Rohit said.

“So, you want to continue doing bad but don’t want anybody to tell you”, I asked.

“No!! I mean, you should tell me what I am doing wrong, leave me there to think. This world has unanimously never agreed anything as good or bad. It is up to me to think and take a decision. But you repeating the same again and again feels like you are victimizing me and I consider you as villain although your are telling good.”, Rohit explained.

“Okay, I understand. You mean to say that we should not preach others about goodness it may turn out to become violence.”, I tried to conclude and put the topic to an end.

“You act with goodness and influence others but never force anybody. That’s what I mean.”, Rohit said.

“ I am not talking about kids here. I am telling about adults.”, Rohit clarified.

“You were talking about goodness of bad?”, I asked.

“Yes, At times I have seen people who are involved in illegal act come to help you for your good deed.”, Rohit explained.

“Actually, there is nothing called absolute good or bad. Where we put rules, we will find good as well as bad. But rules are manmade so good for somebody may not be good for others. Bad for one may not be so for another.”, Rohit explained.

“But the modern world tried to tag everything. Like good, bad, clean, dirty, happy, sad, etc. Your good may be my bad. Your clean might be my dirty. Your happy may be my sad. So don’t enforce the tags on me. Leave me alone. This world will be a much better place to live.”, Rohit said.

Not sure what this conversation yielded but one thing I understood that thrusting our understanding or belief on others is as violent act as doing a physical torture.

Children: Do not take this discussion in the context when parents are involved. Parents are always right.


-Stray Dog



“I get annoyed when people tell me to hurry up. I feel as if they don’t have confidence in me.”, I wrote in my journal.

“May be they truly don’t have confidence in you”, A stranger sitting next to me peeping through to see what I am writing in my journal said.

I immediately closed my journal and said, “How dare you read my journal? Don’t you know you should not read anybody’s letter, journal or diary? How insensitive people? Huh!”

“Didn’t anybody tell you that park is a public place and you should do all your private activities at private place”, Stranger challenged me.

I was truly annoyed now. I wanted either to go to a serious fight even if it goes physical or leave the place without creating a scene.

“Calm down my friend. I was teasing you. Friends!!?”, he extended his hand for a handshake.

With a little apprehension I shook his hand and sat there doing nothing. He initiated the conversation.

“I feel annoyed too when people don’t show confidence in me. When they underestimate me or ignore me. May be because I have a lot of confidence in me and I feel I can’t go wrong but they think otherwise.”, Stranger said.

“People not thinking about me the way how I think about myself if my biggest problem. Not sure how to make them think the way I think about myself.”, Stranger kept talking in the same subject and this created interest in me to talk to him.

“It is unfair to expect people will have the same confidence in us as we have for ourselves. They can’t read our mind and understand our plans to accomplish things. Hence it creates confusion and causes lack of confidence.”, I said.

“We should make our intentions clear and plans well presented before people who matter, so that they know what you are thinking. Then keep doing things as per plan and keep them informed about it so that they know you are progressing. Then inform them about the task completion status and how well it was done when it is complete. This will make them feel better and have confidence in you. If you continue doing this people concerned will have great confidence in you and you will never be questioned.”, I explained in detail.

The stranger was listening to me carefully and then said, “If so, why did you write that you get annoyed when people tell you to hurry up. You know the problem and solution.”

“Ohh, that is for me to write the same problem and solution what I told you, in the journal. I love writing my emotions and bring them to a logical conclusion. If you think about any disturbing emotion it takes longer to settle it in your mind but if you write, you get it easily. That’s how I feel, may not be true for others.”, I explained.

Somebody called him in his phone and he excused himself and rushed from that place and vanished from my vision. I realized that I did not ask his name or any other details about him. Anyway, sometimes it is better to have people as strangers than name them.


- Stray Dog